This dream will not end

im never painting with another brush ever again” - castycas




im never painting with another brush ever again” - castycas



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I’m sorry I know you didn’t tag m but i love you

Name: Yasmine but please don’t
Birthday: May 24
Favorite Colour: Red, purple and blue (certain tints of em, hover on links uwu)
Lucky Number: Dunno, I like 7
Height: 1.64/1.65 c:

Last dream you remember: Some shitty mess that wasn’t half entertaining but I forgot most of the details, I remember looking for dvd’s of a series who is like both Breaking Bad and Game of thrones at the same time or neither idk, (I don’t even watch these series) and in a place in my town that actually doesn’t sell dvd’s in real life ?? and then there was this greyish atmosphere and it’s cool and my OC Rory, some pretty brunette, was fainted on the street just beside le shop and I carried her in my arms and ran (she was deliciously light) and it was pretty realistic though why Ro?? I’m straight?? and yeah I think at one moment when I lifted her her white blouse’s buttons snapped open and she was wearing a black bra under and wow cutie hot damn but why. And she was wearing the same thing I wore at the last wedding I assisted. Yeah. Don’t regret, I like my dreams

Do you like writing: Yeees I write 5.000 words stuff from time to time, sappy-ass aus for my ocs
Do you like dancing: I’m really bad at it!!! But I dance when nobody’s looking :D
Do you like singing: Yeah but like dancing I’m absolutely awful!!! and I sing anyways even if i annoy my siblings

Dream vacation/holiday: USA yes las vegas California Manathan aaaaa
Dream guy: Creator. Cancer zodiac? check. Blue eyes? check. Rich as hell? check. Not too cute, just right enough? check. Must be a genius? check. Did I mention name fish puns?
Dream girl: Florence Welsh. Virgo zodiac? check. Legs? check. Redhead? check. Mysterious green eyes? check. must be a genius? check. Such a bomb artist? check. Bomb identity,style, personality? check. legs, did I mention legs?
Dream wedding: something where I can try on a lot of lotehs and be very fabulous but very quickly, so I can finally get to the fucking, been waiting all my life
Dream job: Psychoanalysist

Favourite song: aaaa how to even reply this question??

I have favorite singers/bands I listen to very excessively: Muse, Coldplay, Sia, Florence + The machine, Marina and The diamonds…a lot but esp these

Favourite album: Black Holes and Revelations, hot damn i love almost every song damn….or Absolution…idk love all albums
Last song you heard on the radio Youtube: Sia - You’ve changed , singer is an australian cutie with the most awesome voice i’ve ever heard,catchy beat, damn her singing itself is catchy, simple and great

Least favourite song artist: I don’t like vocaloids, some authors are half hearted turds that are a disgrace to music, I also don’t like popular shit like Fallout boy or Panic! at the disco idk why you people like it??? I don’t like those cheap bitches with shit tunes who invade the charts because of hormonal teens who go crazy for em, and that disgusting, vulgar rnb shit

Guys/Girls/Both: I’m sorry Girls are so amazing and wow so beaut and perf god made us so beautiful thank, but I like boys :D
Hair colour: Light hair amg. Preferably thick. I want a redhead/blond dreamboi aye
Humorous/Serious: idk!!! I’m humourous so guy liek me is fun and exciting!! but serious is also good because swoonz and I’d have fun pushing his buttons and making him emotional uwu
Taller/shorter: I love tall boys osm uch 
Biggest turn off: trying to play it romantic on me sorry idk how to deal with i’ll just laugh awkwardly sorry…or saps who can’t or get jaelous/offended because of a joke or something not serious…machos? I don’t like being bossed around and I trust my sense of duty is regulated don’t fucking push me around i know what im doing
Biggest turn on: uhhhh…nice backs??? nice legs?? freckles??? sap?? shy boys??? vulnerability??? idk science also turns me on I love smart boys who stay modest and af

tag  Nina-rd? Takanenene?


Shinji Ikari:

- shy
- bi
- ready to try
- frequently cries
- fell for a guy
- feelin so fly
- why, father, why




when you make OCs, and later find out they look kinda like characters from an existing series


When you write/think their stories and  later find out they are very similar like characters from an existing series.


When your OCs have been established for years but characters from recent popular shows look very similar to them



making ocs:image

making ocs with friends:





Steal His Look - Koujaku

Red Shower Curtain - $24.99